Cassandra Data Model

  • Key (uniquely specifies a “row”)
  • Any arbitrary string
  • Column families are declared or deleted in advance by administrative action
    • Columns can be added or deleted dynamically
    • Column families have attribute:
      • Name: arbitrary string
      • Type: simple,
  • Key can “contain” multiple column families
    • No requirement that two keys have any overlap in columns
    • Columns can be added or removed arbitrarily from column families
  • Columns:
  • Column families have sort orders
    • Time-based sort or name-based sort
  • Super-column families:
    • Big tables calls them locality groups
    • Super-column families have a sort order
    • Essentially a multi-column index
  • System column families


  • Range Query
  • ConsistencyLevelがQuorumの場合のread処理のまとめ
  • Bootstrappingのまとめ

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